Types of Puja

Amma says that her path is "love" and her religion is "love and selfless service". However for those who want to seek solace through some of the vedic practices such as pujas and homas, the following services are available. These pujas are certainly beneficial to those who have faith in them. It would be ideal if we pray that all our pujas lead us to the path of love that Amma shows us all the time.

"The malefic planetary conjunctions are the phases in one's life when one's aura gets darkened. Such a person is like one groping in the darkness. His thoughts and activities are misguided. The vibrations radiating from him displease others. It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through sincere reliance on God, the One who controls the planets. The Indwelling Lord cannot turn a deaf ear to a soulful prayer said with an open heart."

The following pujas are conducted at Amma's Brahmasthanam temples in India:


Ayush Homa

For positive influences in the coming year.

Karuka Homa

For the health and welfare of children and to develop academic ability. Also relieves stomach problems for elders.

Tila Homa

For departed souls, to be performed 45 days after death or later; for peace of one's ancestors and to receive the blessings of ancestors.

Ganapathy Homa

For positive vibrations in the house, when starting new ventures such as a new job, or generally to remove obstacles.

Maha Ganapathy Homa

If suffering from losses, when starting a new business or investments, when getting married, or to remove obstacles. Also for birthdays.

Maha Sudharshan Homa

For peace and happiness and to get rid of evil forces.

Maha Mrityunjaya Homa

For a long and healthy life and to get rid of prolonged sickness. Especially for those on their death bed.

Navagraha Homa

Puja for all individual planets.

Swayamvara Homa

For getting married. This is commonly selected along with Ganapathy or Mahaganapathy.


Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu

Puja for individual planets.

Bhagavati Seva

For protection from miseries, fulfillment of wishes and for spiritual benefits. Performed per Kerala tradition, just after sunset to receive the blessings of the Divine Mother.


For the elimination of all suffering through the grace of the Divine Mother and to get rid of evil tendencies in us.


For general peace and well being and happiness. For unity and harmony among family members.


For a smooth life, peace and harmony in the family, to improve family relations, for sustaining the family, for departed souls.


For prosperity, material abundance, and spiritual prosperity. To remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business.


For gaining knowledge and mastery in studies, to sharpen the intellect and improve memory.


For improving the general health of body and mind, to remove bad vibrations around a person, for a speedy recovery from illness, or before and after an operation.


To improve harmony in the marriage and to help integrate material and spiritual progress.


To increase leadership skills, for increased courage and vital energy or to excel in martial arts.

Kali Puja

To diminish our ego and all negative tendencies that hinder spiritual progress and material prosperity.

Special Pujas

There are many special Pujas performed throughout the year.